ACSIMD – End of Session Report

Submitted by claire_dant on Tue, 06/23/2015 - 08:41

The Maryland legislative session is now behind us, and many may be wondering what was accomplished. Quite a lot actually!

Although the specific goal of seeing the Maryland Education Tax Credit passed was not achieved, the efforts of ACSIMD and the schools who joined us to meet the challenge were not in vain. The leaders of ACSIMD consider the following things great victories for our first year:
1. A relationship was established with MD CAPE as ACSIMD joined their long-standing efforts on behalf of private schools in Maryland. We are thankful for their leadership and example and look forward to continuing to work with MD CAPE in the future.
2. Approximately 80 Maryland Christian schools were provided with valuable information regarding how tax credit legislation can benefit Christian schools and families; and many responded in support.
3. Several Christian schools participated in the Education Rally in support of the Maryland Education Tax Credit, boosting the volume of the private school voice in Annapolis this year! It was heard and noted.
4. In addition to the rally, hundreds of Christian families communicated with their legislators, perhaps for the first time, using Voter’s Voice. State Senators and Delegates reported hearing from an unprecedented number of their constituents on the tax credit issue! This caused many of them to consider their position from a new perspective.
5. Not only were emails sent, several schools sent representatives to Annapolis to meet with legislators face-to-face. Many of those who went were Christian school students and both the students and the legislators expressed positive reactions to those encounters. Relationships were begun, and that is the first step to having influence.
So, was the flurry of activity worth it? The answer is a resounding YES! A good foundation has been laid for an even more strategic approach in next year’s legislative session. For those who helped lay that foundation, a sincere thank you! For those who were unable to get in “on the ground floor”, there is still room for you and great need for your involvement as we move forward building ACSIMD to give a voice to Christian schools in Maryland.