State Grant Money - Should We Accept It?

Submitted by claire_dant on

Dear ACSI MARYLAND School Leaders,

There are lot of questions regarding whether or not Christian schools in Maryland should accept State Textbook and Non-public Aging School Grant money this year. You should have received a letter from Dr. John Storey, ACSI Northeast Regional Director, providing ACSI’s guidance regarding this matter. We have also received counsel from the Maryland State Department of Education who provided us wording for an addendum to the assurances we sign. All of us have to make our own decisions based on this information. I just spoke with Monica Kearns at the MSDE and she is willing to answer any questions you may have. She can be reached at 410-767-8863. Please feel free to call me as well – 410-442-5888. MATT GAINES IS ALSO AVAILABLE IF YOU NEED AT 301-751-0040. MANY SCHOOLS HAVE DETERMINED THAT THE ASSURANCES CAN BE WORKED WITH THIS YEAR.

ACSIMD LEADERS, Rob Van Ness ASCIMD Coordinator